Why Should you choose Dart and Python for 2019

Dart for Web and mobile application and Python for Machine learning is the best choice for 2019, You can learn dart to develop mobile apps using Flutter, Web apps but same time you can also learn Tensorflow(Written in Python) to make you mobile and web apps more smart

Using separate themes for Android and iOS in Flutter

Look and Feel of the Android and iOS feels differ as we know but when we are developing app for both platform using a single framework like Flutter in that case we have option to go with single theme for both or we can go with different theme to keep the user familier with platform

That is How we can change the color of status bar in Flutter

Many times we have to change the background color of Status bar to make app look on the device on which we are using it so in this post I am going to show you how to do that?

That is How we can lock screen orientation in Flutter

In the most of the appliations you have to lock the orientation of mobile app most of the time in only portrait mode. We do it in android and ios native applications and same we want to achieve when we are working on Flutter Apps.

Why did I ditch Wordpress for my Blog as a Programmer

I decided to go with static website generator named Gatsby there are many but Gatsby is completly based upon React JS

Creating Dynamic Navigation Drawer Menu in Android

Many times We learn new things where we are trying to meet the app design requirement. I also come across a situation when I have to show dynamic menu items from server in android conventional navigation drawer.

As an Indian I can not earn money from Medium but still I love

As first impression of Medium was good as it is very simple to use and its editor is very powerful as compare to Wordpress and other blogging platform.

Getting list of printers attached to system using Electron.JS

Today I am to share code snippet that I used to get the list of the printers attached to my system using Electron JS. Recently I was working on a project where I have to store the default selection for printer. If I do show then during printing anything it will ask me again and again to select printer So main motive was to make the process easy.

How to keep only single instance of Electron App ?

When I recently working on Electron.JS project then I come across a strange problem. Actually to requirement there must be only one instance of the app. If someone try to click again on the launcher icon again on system.

Display Youtube Video thumbnail on Android in easy way

Recently I have implemented Youtube api in android application. One thing that google do is it provided a jar file with the help of which you can display youtube thumbnail.